Dark Frontier

The Sleeper

14th April 2159: 3.30 pm

“Doors first” said Vic, standing to one side. The Stasis Area was clearly visible and so could contain no obvious threat. Laura nodded and covered the door, while Zola pressed the stud and stepped back. Rackham scanned the room, twin pistols in hand.

“Good grief!” was all he said. Laura peered round.

The Hab was a room where the crew could sleep and hang out during the parts of the journey where they were not otherwise in stasis: this was usually only be a few days at a time, and the room was room is relatively small. It consisted of an open area with five beds along the wall, where the crew could strap in to sleep. One of these beds was clearly the captain’s, as it sported the additional luxury of a pull-out divider, giving it some modicum of privacy.

“Cheaper than staterooms I suppose” said Zola. “Barely call it living though.”

Each bed also had a lockbox near its foot, where the crew could leave their personal effects.

But floating in the middle of the room was the corpse of one the dead crew members, It slowly drifted across the room in microgravity, bouncing from one wall to the other. Blood had leaked out, forming droplets in the air, and coating everything.

“Gygax” read Laura from his overall, and then matching this to the name panel on the Captain’s locker. Laura moved over to search the body.

“Thumbprint lock” said Vic. Zola manouvered the corpse over to the locker, and they soon had it open. The was little of interest other than some ArrowEx documents and personal effects.

“Bag ’em” said Zola. “For the relatives.”

“Crew of four” said Laura after a few moments.

“This fellow has been shot” said Rackham. "Autofire I’d surmise – several holes. "

“Died quick too” said Laura. “No sign of a struggle.”
“No movement in the corridors” said Vic, who was half stood in one of the doors, keeping lookout.

“It’s clear that someones up to o good” said Laura. “And maybe the ship has hidey holes. Be on your guard.”. The locks on the crew lockers would have proved too time consuming to finesse open, and so they decided to move on.

Opposite the Crew Hab was an open.bay which constituted the Stasis Area containing five pods. Fliping herself effortlessly across to one of the many handlebars Zola hovered over the pods and then exclaimed:

“There’s somebody in this one!” Quickly the others gathered round. Laura squibted through the plexiglass.

“Makemba Kesi.” she read, from the name patch. “Odd that she’s in her overalls.” It was usual to strip to a T shirt and shorts, or a disposable paper suit when entering one of the pods, prior to being flushed with the nasty oxygenated jelly

“Life signs are a bit odd” said Rackham. “Almost as if….Hmm.”

“What?” asked Laura.

“Its like she went in in a hurry, and messed up.” replied Rackham.

“Well we need to get her out. Rescue equals reward.” Rackham sighed.

“It’s true she can’t stay here” he said. “Here goes.” before operating the controls he prepared a hypo. As soon as he operated the evacuation cycle warning panels on the controls started flashing.

“Can’t be helped” said Rackham. “I doubt she’ll even be conscious.”

She was… and she immediately started a high pitched screaming. Laura and Vic pinned her arms, and Rackham jabbed the sedative. Immediately she collapsed.

“Let’s just get her back” he sighed. “We’ll get zero sense from her for a good while.”



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