Dark Frontier

Dead in Space

4th August 2159: 7.50 am

Captain Andre Martel was a tall, good-humored Frenchman. His manner was such that it would be easy to imagine him as an amiable and generous host to his passengers. However, it’s clear that he had other matters on his mind.

“Ms. Chen, Captain.” said Gabrielli. The Captain turned to them with a tired smile.

" A pleasure Madame." he said smoothly. Laura nodded politely.

“I apologise for my directness madame,” he continued. “But you confirm that have licensed Investigator credentials with Marlowe Dynamics?”

“I do,” replied Laura. “Though I am now Freelance: Dakai yanjing Investigations.” Helpfully, Rackham bowed and produced a card.

“I am in need of your expertise madame. We have something of an emergency.” the Captain explained. "We have been helpless and adrift now for three days, after we found that the transit drive had been sabotaged. "

“Sabotaged?” said Laura.

“Yes: transit drive alarm panels lit up like a Broadway musical and the system went offline. I ordered my Chief Engineering Officer Hardie to investigate the problem and report back immediately. "

“So what had happened?” asked Rackham.

“There were only two messages from the engine room. The first was from Engineering Officer Miyamoto to report the status of the transit drive energy flow regulator. The second was several minutes later when Officer Miyamoto informed me that Chief Hardie was dead.”

“So why not call the wardens?”

“I have – but hey won’t be here for eleven days at the earliest. That is a long time with a saboteur and murderer on board. I have to think of the safety of three thousand passengers..”

“But what about your own security team?” asked Rackham. “Ms Gabrielli seems competent.”

“My small team is overstretched managing passenger issues ,” explained the Captain. " The fact remains that a killer is still at large we nee to find him. Right now you are my best shot at doing so.."

“We will need access to all of the ship.” said Laura.

“Of course.”

“And access to small arms,” said Rackham. “We may be putting ourselves at risk.”

“Agreed.” said the Captain. “Ms. Gabrielli will act as your liaison. Please act quickly: I fear the situation will only get worse.”



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