Dark Frontier

Arrangements have been Made

24th July 2159: 10.00 am

They had a plan of sorts. The Mariner of the Stars – a liner – was leaving Barbarella in three days time; a fast local transport could hopefully get them there with a day to spare. The Mariner could then get them to Venus within a couple of weeks.

This was another complication. Franz had managed to contact Anthea, but the Satis was currently on Mars delivering supplies, before taking a trip to Venus. She had agreed to do a run to Port Tian, and then an additional trip to the Station for a sum of Cr 10,000. She would likely be in port at Venus for a week or so, and so the best plan seemed to be to rendezvous there. All of this, and their transport fees, were to be reimbursed by Zola. In addition, if the outcome was successful, Zola had agreed to lease the ship, at a nominal cost, to the Partnership.

Now they just had to get there.



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