Dark Frontier

16 Psyche

18th May 2159: 4.55 pm

Psyche 19 was huge, being over 200 km in diameter.

“Plenty of opportunity for multiple bases” thought Laura, “And mostly underground, no doubt.”

Hopkirk was receiving docking instructions, and they were due to dock at Port Cupid, the corporate Docking Facility for outsiders, and the only location generally open to outsiders.

“We would normally be in Port for a couple of days” said Hopkirk, “Though I’ll try to stretch it out a bit. As non corporate types you’ll have restricted access to many areas,but you will have some opportunity to circulate. Be sure to send a message to your supposed masters at GeCoDec – its sure to be monitored.”

“What about finding the target?” asked Vic.

“Just take it easy and circulate,” said Hopkirk. “We have items on board of a direct security nature.” She smiled smugly.

“You mean…. you have a shipment likely destined for their security facility?” asked Laura. “Bugged? How did you manage it?”

“You don’t need to know.” said Hopkirk. “But in a day or two we should be able to pinpoint the location at least.”



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