Dark Frontier

The Times are A Changing
4th April 2159

“And after the break we have an interview with Doctor Katrina Orlov, One of the eyewitness survivors of the Mining Riots on Luna. Back in five.”

John Hackney flashed his charismatic world weary “I’ve seen it all” newsreader smile, and Laura turned away as some bimbo advertising perfume flashed across the holoscreen. She downed her drink in one. Time for business.

She hated Luna; she shared this antipathy with her current location in the Asteroid Belt, but here she was, stuck since leaving the crew of the “Louis Bleriot”. In fact there were a lot of things Laura wasn’t too keen on: all work and little play – and that mostly solo chess and heavy drinking.

And now there was a potential job, but the Mr. Johnson had indicated that a team was required, and Laura as the sole owner/ employee of Dakai yanjing Investigations on her own was not a team. And so she had done some fancy footwork on the local net. She’d picked four from the reply resumes from the dozen she’d received. All would be desperate for work to have bothered replying so quickly given the minimum notice and deadline, but that suited her fine. The message hadn’t given much away apart from the Jenseitech logo and the instructions to meet with a contact – Mr. Alessio West—at the Glintorn Restaurant, located on the Main Piazza in Traveler Sector.

Laura had opted for a mixed skill set- a marine, a tech, a spacer and a wastrel who clearly knew how to talk the hind legs of a donkey. She had almost smiled as she twigged to a couple of the more probable half truths (unverifiable in the time available of course) he had shown in his resume. All had submitted copies of firearms verification certificates

Anyway, here they were: in Smokey’s Bar. Next stop the Glintorn.


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