Vic Hanson

Yumani Institute Ex Marine


8 A 8 C 6 3 D

Age: born 2131

Homeworld: Callisto

Traits: Contact, Ally, Longevity/1, Arrogant

Abilities: Psion, Multi Talented

Languages: English/2, Japanese/0

Training: Flyer: Aerodyne (0/ 8)


Level 0: Tactics, Stealth, Flyer

Level 1: Vacc Suit, Athletics (Co ordination), Drive (Walker), Heavy Weapons (Man Portable), Elec (Remote Ops), Mechanic

Level 2: Awareness, Telekinesis, Gun Cbt (Slugthrowers), Melee Cbt (Blades)

Cr Balance: 1, 480,

Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +1 Mechanic, Remote Ops rolls if time doubled
LI Goggles (TL 8) 0.5 range 18m // 12 squares
Elec Toolkit 2
Mech Toolkit 12
Transciever - 500 km range
Electronic Binoculars 1
Armour WT Notes
Cloth x 2 4/1 DR 6
Armoured Duster x 2 4/1 DR 6
Flak Vest x 2 2/0.5 DR 4
Hard Vacc Suit 20/5 DR 6; SLOT 1 Ceramic Plates, SLOT 2 Improved Thusters, SLOT 3 Mag Boots
WPN WT ATT. DAM. S M L X Special
Anvil 12mm 0.5/0.1kg +3 2d6+2 AP2 2.5/2 10/7 20/13 40/26 13 shots,X Ray Sight, 100 clips
Stealth Dagger 1 +3 1d6+2
Cbt Knife 0.5kg +3 1d6+4
Sap Gloves x 2 - +1 1d6+2
Boarding Axe 2 +3 2d6+6 AP 2

Arrogant: Your character thinks she’s great, but others don’t necessarily agree. She suffers a -1 DM to all interpersonal skill checks involving Intelligence or Social Standing

Longevity/1: Aging delayed by 12 years and average lifespan + 20 years

Psion & Multitalented: A psi talent, trained in secret by the Yutani Institute of Japan, under the guise of issuing a Degree in Combined Studies. Actually one of those rarest of psis knowing two Talents rather than one.

A native of Callisto, alleged Teen Poltergeist Activity brought her to the attention of the Yutani Institute, who offered to ‘cure’ (ie train) her. She proved a capable Telekinetic with additional Body Control Abilities.

At twenty two she gained admission into the UWC Marines (failing to get into the OTC Programme), and did well as a private soldier, gaining promotion to Lance Corporal and induction into a Walker Squadron. After six years however, and almost constant training without much action, she has decided to leave the Service and see what she can do alone….


Vic Hanson

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