Zola Thornne

Ex Deepspace Surveyor


8 9 9 7 A 6

Age: born 2129

Homeworld: Venus

Traits: Enemy, Phobia (Spiders), Dream Void, Luck/2

Abilities: Freefall Natural

Languages: English/2

Training: Pilot: Small Craft (0/8)


Level 0: Astrogation, Melee Cbt

Level 1: Mechanic, Survival, Explosives, Persuade, Pilot (Spacecraft), Gun Cbt (Slugthrowers), Drive (Wheeled), Athletics (Co ordination), Elec (Computers)

Level 2: Vacc Suit, Science (Planetology)

Cr Balance: 14 ,450, 6 Ship Shares, Vehicle

Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +1 Mechanic, Explosives, Planetology, Astrogation , Comp, rolls if time doubled
LI Goggles (TL 8) 0.5 range 18m // 12 squares
Transciever - 500 km range
Armour WT Notes
Cloth x 2 4/1 DR 6
Armoured Duster x 2 4/1 DR 6
Flak Vest x 2 2/0.5 DR 4
Hard Vacc Suit 21/ 5.25 DR 6; SLOT 1 Extended Life Support, SLOT 2 Ceramic Plates, SLOT 3 Improved Thrusters
WPN WT ATT. DAM. S M L X Special
Anvil 12mm 0.5/0.1kg +2 2d6+2 AP2 2.5/2 10/7 20/13 40/26 13 shots,X Ray Sight, 100 clips
Cbt Knife 0.5kg +1 1d6+4

Freefall Natural: No need to test for normal tasks. For others gain free successes equal to Athletics (Co ordination) + Vacc Suit + DEX or IQ bonus (4 for this character)

Luck/2: Two rerolls per session

Dream Void: Your character, given what is now in the universe, is fortunate – she is one of those rare people who doesn’t dream. She cannot be plagued by nightmares or similar

Phobia (Spiders): There’s something that scares the daylights out of your character. Most times, phobias are of simple and natural things, some of the most common being acrophobia (fear of heights), arachnophobia (fear of spiders), entymophobia (fear of insects), or scotophobia (fear of the dark). Whenever a character is confronted with the object of his fear, she suffers a -1 DM to all checks until a couple of minutes after the object is no longer an issue

Zola escaped from the claustrophobic Corporate World of Venus by getting a job with Pioneer Surveys – a small subsidiary of Wesleycorp, specialising in mining exploration in the Asteroid Belt.

She did fairly well at this, getting rapid promotion to Senior Explorer, and gaining a useful range of skills. That is until she came to the attention of Mystra Wesley, by inadvertantly writing a report which rubbished one of her schemes. She was hauled across the carpet, and it was made plain to her that she was no longer welcome, and so she resigned.


Zola Thornne

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