Laura Chen

Private Sector


8 B 9 9 9 6

Age: born 2130

Homeworld: Mars

Traits: : Fast, Sexy, Peripheral Vision, Fanatical/1, Vengeful, Karma/1

Abilities: Killer Instinct

Languages: Mandarin/2, English/0

Training: Athletics (Co ordination) 0/8, 0/8


Level 0: Vacc Suit, Drive, Gunner, Survival,

Level 1: Investigate, Deception, Stealth, Recon, Elec (Remote Ops), Elec (Computers), Mechanic, Pilot (Spacecraft), Flyer (Rotor), Gun Cbt (Slugthrowers), Athletics (Co ordination)

Level 2: Astrogation, Melee Cbt (Unarmed)

Cr Balance: 3, 250

Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +1 Mechanic, Comp, Remote Ops, Investigate rolls if time doubled
LI Goggles (TL 8) 0.5 range 18m // 12 squares
Elec Toolkit 2
Transciever - 500 km range
Armour WT Notes
Mars Suit x 1 2/0.5 DR 0; Heated
Cloth x 2 4/1 DR 6
Armoured Duster x 2 4/1 DR 6
Flak Vest x 2 2/0.5 DR 4
Vacc Suit TL (8/9) 18/4.5 DR 6: Personalised Blue/ Black; Slot 1: Baospace, Slot 2: Ceramic Plating, Slot 3: Improved Thrusters
WPN WT ATT. DAM. S M L X Special
Bandit 9mm 0.4/0.2kg +2 3d6-2 2.5/2 10/7 20/13 40/26 25 shots, Laser Sight, 50 clips
XSM 90 9mm Smg 2/0.2 +2 3d6-2 6.25/4 25/17 50/33 100/67 30 shots, Auto 3, 50 clips; if in cover may claim extra -1 to be hit
Stealth Dagger 1 +1 1d6+2
Cbt Knife 0.5kg +1 1d6+4
Sap Gloves x 2 - +3 1d6+2
Mono Strand - +3 2d6+3 as garotte or surprise attack

Killer Instinct Once per session ignore armor

Fast/2: Your character is faster than she looks. She gets a +2 DM to Initiative checks, and can move up to 9 meters/ 6 squares in a Combat Round. She also gains a +2 DM on any check of the Athletics (co-ordination) skill that applies to physical speed.

Sexy: The character is especially attractive to the opposite sex (or those who would be attracted to their gender). They gain a +2 DM to all interpersonal skill checks involving Intelligence or Social Standing with anyone who might be attracted to them, opposite or same sex

Peripheral Vision : Your character can see things in more detail throughout his field of vision, and is capable of making checks to notice things on the periphery of his vision that other people would miss.. Gives +1 initiative and Notice checks.

Fanatic/1: Always fulfil the Contract, even at the risk of Social Consequences.

Vengeful: Your character doesn’t take losing or being wronged very well. She doesn’t even have to have actually lost or been wronged, he only has to perceive he has. She suffers a -1 DM to all interpersonal skill checks involving Intelligence or Social Standing when dealing with the person upon which she wishes vengeance. Furthermore, She must make an Endurance check not to take action against the person, whether through verbal abuse, attempted humiliation, pranks, legal action, or even physical violence – each time she is confronted with them.

Daughter of a maintenance technician, Laura was inducted into the Chinese Navy and quickly showed aptitude for Flying. Her relations with fellow crew (‘Dim, Dirty and Rude’) caused her to leave at the end of her first term however, and she joined the Mars based (and largely Chinese dominated) Electronics Company ‘Marlowe Dynamics’, as a security advisor and general troubleshooter.

Her missions have primarily taken her to Earth, Luna and Mars, a period marred only by the disappearance and presumed death of her younger sister; this was reported as a landing accident by the Chinese Navy, but those of her crew-mates Laura has tracked down have proven both nervous and elusive when she has tried to investigate further. A couple of years ago she ceased her employment following an unsatisfactory re-organisation but does retain a few associates and contacts within the Company. More recently she has tried a little troubleshooting, and a short stint as an Astrogator.

Laura has a strict personality, and is rarely seen to smile. She is proficient in Jeet Kun Do, and is a serious chess player.


Laura Chen

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