Franz Kurtis

Unlucky Tech


8 7 9 7 6 8

Age: born 2125

Homeworld: Neptune

Traits: Nightmares, Depressed, Ally (Anthea Kokinos), Toughness/2, Hard to Kill/3, Karma/1

Augments; Combat Arm (TL 8): STR 12 and + 2 Armor, Punch 1d6 + 4, detachable

Abilities: No Rest for the Wicked

Languages: English/ 2

Training: Athletics (Co ordination) 5/8


Level 0: Persuade, Broker, Athletics

Level 1: Vacc Suit, Drive (Wheeled), Elec (Comms), Engr (M Drive), Engr ( T Drive), Steward, Gun Cbt (Slugthrowers)

Level 2: Mechanic,

Level 3: Gunner (Turrets)

Cr Balance: 1,180 owes Rackham 20k

Equipment WT Notes
Wrist Computer//2 0.5 Plus peripherals +1 Mechanic, Comms, M drive, T Drive rolls if time doubled
LI Goggles (TL 8) 0.5 range 18m // 12 squares
Transciever - 500 km range
Armour WT Notes
Cloth x 2 4/1 DR 6
Armoured Duster x 2 4/1 DR 6
Flak Vest x 2 2/0.5 DR 4
Vacc Suit TL (8/9) 20/5 DR 6: Slot 1: Mag Boots, Slot 2: Ceramic Plating, Slot 3: Improved Thrusters
WPN WT ATT. DAM. S M L X Special
Bandit 9mm 0.4/0.2kg +2 3d6-2 2.5/2 10/7 20/13 40/26 25 shots, Laser Sight, 50 clips
Martech Lucky Six 4/0.2kg +2 4d6 AP 2 9.5/6 38/25 76*51* 152/101 6 shots, Bulky (avoided on 6 + ), Solid Shot AP 2 × 50
Bionic Punch - -1 1d6+4 - - - - -

No Rest for the Wicked your Character has the ability to ignore all penalties caused by Wound levels for 1d6 turns of combat. you can choose when to bring this Talent to bear, but can only use it once every 24 hours.

Depressed: Your character feels down and mopey most of the time. He sleeps a lot, has little motivation, is constantly pessimistic, and has nothing good to say about himself or life. In addition to all the ways this can cause him problems, he suffers a -1 DM to all interpersonal skill checks involving Intelligence or Social Standing.

Hard to Kill (1-3) Your character is the kind of person that fights to stay alive, even when others would pass on. At Hard to Kill/1, your character will stay alive and unconscious after reaching 0 in all his physical characteristics, but only until he has suffered an additional amount of damage equal to half his Endurance. At Hard to Kill/2, this buffer increases to equal his Endurance, and at Hard to Kill/3, this buffer increases to double his Endurance.

Toughness/2: Has 2 extra hits on each physical characterisitic

Nightmares: Your character suffers from nightmares, often brought on by the darkness that is once again coming into the world. Each morning, make an Endurance check; failure means he suffers a -1 DM to all checks for the first half of his day.

Not the luckiest of individuals, Franz joined a merchant line. He doesn’t know what happened but he awoke in a hospital: apparently he had been raving for 2 weeks. He could not find out what happened to the other passengers and crew: he was quietly dismissed. He still has vague but terrifying nightmares.

Having enough of space he tried to make a go as a colony worker, but the Company was investigated by the UWRS and he found himself unemployed when the business was closed down.

He seemed to make a go of it as a Gunner in the Navy, but when his ship had a catastrophic reactor failure, he was one of a handful of survivors. With something of a reputation as a Jonah he was not re assigned, and is now somewhat adrift.


Franz Kurtis

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