Anthea Kokinos

Merchant Captain


8 A 8 B 6 A

Age: born 2119

Homeworld: Neptune

Traits: Ally (Franz Curtis)

Languages: Greek/ 2, English/1


Level 0: Hvy Wpns

Level 1: Melee Cbt (Blades), Vacc Suit, Engr (T Drive), Engr (M drive), Mechanic, Persuade, Pilot (Spacecraft), Carouse, Athletics (Endurance)

Level 2: Gun Cbt (SLugthrowers), Elec (Computers), Drive (Wheeled)

Cr Balance:Ship “The Satis”

3 Crew:

Holly Rogers (Astrogator): 777897 Astrogate/2, Elec (Comp)1, Pilot (SC)

James Dale (Engineer): 877977 Engr (M,T)/2, Mech/1

Sam Parker (Medic): 787797 Medic/2, Gunner/1

All have Vacc/1, Athetics & Gun Cbt/0

Anthea Kokinos has been the captain of the Satis for the last five years, having taken over the position when the last captain retired. She is talkative and blunt, with a crude sense of humor. She doubles as the ship’s pilot, and oversees a small crew of three other people. She is willing to take passengers to Fururi, as it is not too far out of the way on her route hauling goods between stations.


Anthea Kokinos

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