Dark Frontier

Winging It

22nd May 2159: 8.30 pm

“So we’re booked in to leave in a very early window: 4.00 am.” said Hopkirk.

“Fine,” said Laura. “We’ve no choice but to wing it. The only other choice would be for me to get arrested and sent there; frankly, I’m not doing that.”

" We can take off and orbit the rock easily" said Hanson. “And put down here.” she pointed to a ridge, little more than an irregularity really, but enough to hide their craft. If they had radar on the far side, which she doubted, they could get away with it. It would need a hike in suits however, as they had no vehicle

The Detention Facility consisted of pressurized prefabs, comprising a smaller single story building, a medium sized building and three larger ones – possibly barracks.

“The larger ones could house about 50, assuming no underground facilities” said Laura. “So 150 inmates maximum?”

“There are a couple of parked Aerodynes too” said Zola. “Maybe we could grab one. If not we’ll need to get the target into a suit.”

“We have the gas grenades and the breaching charges supplied by Ms Hopkirk.” said Vic. “But there may be casualties.”

“The fewer, the less shit afterwards”, said Laura. “It’ an extraction, not a massacre.” They spent the next hour or so working out details, before turning in.



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