Dark Frontier

The Pitch

14th May 2159: 10. 15 am

To describe Amanda Hopkirk as severe would have been an understatement. From the cut of her utilitarian -but pristine – militaristic style clothing, to her businesslike, clipped manner. Clearly she was someone used to giving orders, and probably was someone who wouldn’t suffer fools gladly. Laura had received a very brief vid call, requesting a meeting that very day.

“Ms. Chen?” she asked. Introductions were given, and the woman sat down. Ms. Hopkirk was very tall, and blonde – possibly a scion of one of the many oddball eugenics breeding programmes that had occured in various parts of the system. Your hand hurt when she shook it.

“Your message didn’t give much away” said Laura.

“With good reason. I am assuming your discretion.” said Hopkirk. “Your Ad. said ‘All Jobs considered.’”

“That’s right.” said Laura. “Though are not guaranteed to be taken. Discretion, however, is assured. And we are not risk averse.”

“Good.” nodded Hopkirk. “You are of course aware of the various issues following the Agnico mining riots on Luna?”

Indeed, they all were. Apparent concern with Agnico planning to redirect their mining efforts from Luna to elsewhere in the system had triggered riots in which many employees, including some executives, had been killed. The issues and sensitivities regarding the affiiar were not unique to Agnico – affecting for example companies in the Belt, who might want to direct resources towards the new frontier in the Kuiper Belt. Consequently there had been rumblings amongst miners and company facilities in several areas of the Belt, including strikes, sit ins, seizing of assets, deployment of corporate marines and, of course, riots. Relations were strained, to say the least.

“To put it bluntly I need to extract someone from a situation – the son of an ex military colleague. From a situation where there are extreme tensions between Corp. and workforce. Are you interested?”




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