Dark Frontier

The Deception

23rd May 2159: 8.55 am

“Dead as the proverbial DoDo.” announced Rackham. “Franz near blew his head off.”

“Bang goes our payment” said Zola, “Some rescue.”

“This wasn’t a rescue,” said Laura. This was an extraction. We’ve been played."

“Come again?”

“It was all too easy. Hopkirk had just too much information.” explained Laura. “And Hoffman – you saw him. He was good. And well prepared. I don’t doubt he was a plant to orchestrate all the chaos..”

“Which makes us patsys.” said Rackham. “Hoffmann had this.” He handed over a sleek wristcomp.

“High Spec. " said Laura. “Spyware. No doubt there’s some interesting stuff on this.”

“You’re saying this was all some sort of Tradewar op?” asked Vic. Laura nodded.

“Radio into Hopkirk and tell her we have the package, but that he’s injured.” said Laura. “And we need to be ready when that airlock opens..”



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