Dark Frontier

Plan B

22nd May 2159: 6.00 pm

Hopkirk had stretched out her stay as long as was reasonably feasible. Selling, buying, taking on supplies, minor maintenance.

“The stuff hasn’t moved. It’s still in port.” she said ruefully.

“You didn’t bank on the industrial action,” said Rackham. “Everything is taking four times as long. But where does that leave us?”

“Fortunately for you” said Laura, “I had zero faith in your plan, and used the old fashioned methods.”

“What do you mean?” asked Vic.

“I borrowed an ID and surfed the Company Net; don’y worry, I didn’t keep it long. By the time they noticed it was back with them. plus there’s a degree of common knowledge floating about: you just need to squeeze it out of people.” Zola wondered how she’d done this, but decided not to ask: she gathered that Laura had been some sort of Corporate Op.


“The Jug facility is called Asphodel; it’s in Sector 24, about a 100 km away. And there’s a research facility nearby – Hesperus Station.

“These fellows like their Greek Mythology don’t they?” commented Rackham.

“Plus,” continued Laura, “There was a bit of reporting on the Corporate Net at the time. Hoffman lost his temper at a picket confrontation and gave a Mr. Rudi Densh, a Production Executive a good kicking before he was dragged away by Security. Some of it was on film. He was sentenced to a year’s Indenture within a day, and sent to Asphodel.”

“Indenture at the Research Facility presumably” said Zola.

“Any more?” asked Hopkirk.

“I dug up some routine scans; basic surface facilities. One other interesting fact.”


“Checked newsnet for other workers sent there over the last 3 years. Checked 3 people. nothing heard of them since. "



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