Dark Frontier

Out of the Doldrums

20th July 2159: 8.43 am

Potential business had been non existent. After the Hoffman Affair they has agreed to jointly submit for a Security License, for Dakai yanjing, to enable a widening in their capacity to take contracts: they needed more firepower. Rackham had done they paperwork, and they had submitted it. They were still waiting, now all formal partners.

Rackham seemed to have spent alot of time the gym, and they had pretty much all been about their own pursuits. After two months they were getting a little restless.

And her e they were: lunch at Castor’s. Zola was uncharacteristically late. They had started to order when she arrived, twenty minutes late. She seemed zoned out.

“Hello?” said Laura. “Anyone at home?” Rackham smiled languidly.

“Uh, ah. Chow Mien for me. And green tea.” said Zola, sitting down and frowning. She started playing with her wristcomp. They let her potter on for several minutes, and shrugged and continued eating.

“All right,” said Vic eventually. “What’s going on Zola?”. Zola looked up, and saw that everyone was staring at her. She put the wristcomp down.

“It’s like this,” she said. “I’ve been given a ship.”


“Given a ship. Inherited it. Form my Uncle Jax – not seen him in years, but a trader, of sorts. Don’t know much about him. But he’s left me a ship.” Zola explained.

“But……?” said Laura. “I feel a But coming.”

“Yes. Well. "said Zola. “It’s a bit out of the way. I’ve been trying to work out how to get there.”

“Out of the way?” asked Rackham.

“Yes. It’s all legal!” said Zola, seeing Rackhams expression. “I had hard copy papers delivered yesterday: the ship is called the Felicitas. But its parked at Shams Energy Facility.”

“Never heard of it.” said Vic.

“I’m not surprised” continued Zola. “It’s a vast solar array orbiting the sun. Constructed some forty years ago, and then damaged by a massive solar flare a couple decades back. Since then its been left derelict, with its legal status in limbo”

“What the fuck’s it doing there?” asked Laura. Zola shrugged.

“More to the point, how are you going to get there?” asked Rackham.

“And what condition will it be in?” added Franz.

“All good questions, and I’ve been racking my brains.” replied Zola. “Apart from taking passage to Port Tian I’m no nearer a solution. Have to charter a ship I suppose. Expense.”

“I could ask Anthea” said Franz. “There will still be a cost though, I’m sure.”

“Could you?” brightened Zola.

“This is all jolly nice, and I’m pleased for you.” smiled Rackham. “But what exactly would the rest of us get out of this? I’m assuming you want us to come. Crew. An engineer and so forth.”



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