Dark Frontier

New Opportunities

14th May 2159: 10. am

It had been an uneventful month. Franz had been recuperating, and was now finally active again. His new arm looked a little odd, but under his long duster and with a glove it escaped the majority of stares. It was hard to see how he was taking it, but at least Laura hadn’t busted him off the team.

Perhaps normally she would have, but, astute as she was, she realised that the others would not view this positively in the circumstances – and these she did wish to retain. All were now nominally employees of her company, or more correctly contractors hired by Dakai yanjing Investigations. This would enable her to take more of those juicier contracts she was after.

Since their binge a few weeks ago they had not seen much of Rackham: reportedly he was on a health kick, and was seen repeatedly in the gym with a personal trainer. Laura approved of course, but was slightly surprised. She had asked Rackham to construct a business plan for Dakai yanjing, with a view to obtaining a full Security Licence. He had agreed to do this for a mere Cr 1000 – always the mercenary. For some reason Zola had become fascinated with old mining facilities in the belt, and had been trawling through records and compiling her own database.

There had been few ships or small craft arriving at the Station, which also affected job availability. Until now.



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