Dark Frontier

Hopkirk Elaborates

14th May 2159: 10. 30 am

“Dominion Mining have a strong presence in this part of the Belt, and they have the mining franchise for 16 Psyche, an M Type Asteroid: quite rare.”

“M type?” asked Rackham.

“Mineral very rich” explained Zola. “A potential gold mine for exploitation.”

“It is pretty well developed, with a central Corp Town, and half a dozen remote mining facilities. Possibly research stations too. Anyway, they’ve been having problems with the workforce recently”

“And who is the target of this extraction?” asked Laura.

“A young man, Manfred Hoffmann. He was doing well as a junior executive with Dominion, though something of a socially aware young firebrand.”

“Let me guess,” said Rackham, “He got involved in the current labour disputes.”

“Worse than that, by all accounts he assaulted a senior executive, and has been put in the enclaves own gulag. "

In remote areas of the system UWC Law devolved to private security – in effect Corporate Law. Some people were perhaps not very happy about it, but it all came down to practicality. As long as the corps didn’t behave outrageously, the UWC was unlikely to intervene. Periodically they would sent round a Marshall to review cases and procedures, but this would be every few years at best.

“The detail is lacking at the moment”, said Hopkirk, “And probably will be pretty one sided when it emerges. And that is why I was contacted by the family.”

They waited for an explanation.

“I am a contact, and I own a 95 T Supply Ship -the Ariadne , which services a number of these remote outposts. Food, supplies, spares: I make a living visiting a number of these locations in the Belt and trading. I can get in where lawyers will be blocked by Corporate regs. I can find out what’s going on.”

“So that’s the mission?” asked Vic. " Recce with a view to extraction?"


“What about the Fallout with the UWC?” asked Laura.

“Once he’s out, the fancy expensive lawyers can kick in. Plus you will all be anonymous.”

“If we’re not caught.”

“If you’re not caught.”

“The remuneration had better be worth it.” said Laura.



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